Kentaa Crowdfunding Demo

Crowdfunding is a popular method to raise funds for a specific project. Crowdfunding is a powerful way to raise money in this day and age. You know exactly what your donated money is used for as a supporter. Together we try to make something beautiful happen. Donors can be individuals but also companies, organisations and other charities. This Crowdfunding demo is meant to show you all the possibilities that this platform has to offer.

Two templates

You can choose between two different templates for your page layout. Athe top of the page, click on "View different templates" to see the differences. You can also choose your own colours, upload your own logo, banners and so on.

One crowdfunding project

If you have one crowdfunding project you want to raise money for, this is the price plan for you. On the right side of the page you see a few "crowdfunding options" which can be chosen by donors. You can manage and add these yourself.

Multiple crowdfunding projects

If you want multiple simultaneous crowdfunding projects you can also use this price plan. There's a maximum of 3 simultaneous crowdfunding initiatives on your own Kentaa crowdfunding website. If you want more projects you can upgrade easily. Have a look around this demo website to see all the possibilities.



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05-02-2020 | 08:45 Let people know what is happening. Have you reached half of your target amount? Is there a meeting for participants coming soon? You have the possibility to add news items with this Kentaa package. You can share news items with interested donors who want to be kept up to date. Add media to your news items in the form of photos or videos.  
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01-11-2023 | 14:15 To: Crowdfunding campaign 2